Harald Jegodzienski, Glory, Juillet 2020, page 8

The sober reality of war is not documented by medals, shiny military equipment or postcards from the front, which are presented to visitors to the fortress at several locations – nor is it present in the list of heroic victories on display boards. The effects of war mean broken, ruined and traumatized lives, which are not mentioned in the panoptics provided for tourists.

It does not make much sense to repeat artificially all the war-associated suffering and grief in order to design memorials for a change of mind. It is all the more touching to be able to truck two artistic designs that reflect the peculiarities of the fortress or the reason of its existence and seek to bring the aspect of healing to the effects of war :

War horses were critical to the military infrastructure. One of these horses was sculpturally wrapped in bandages as a symbol of all life and dubbed the (good) « spirit of the fortress ».

The above illustration shows inserts in existing display cases by Romanian ceramicist Ana Maria Asan : delicate, pure-white porcelain reminds us that a hand is guiding a saber or that sound of war produce deafening noise.


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