'' ANA MARIA ASAN | GICB 2015 | contemporary ceramics '' ''

The artist has the pleasure to announce that her installation was awarded an Honorable Mention at the GICB2015.

" The Gyeoggi International Ceramic Biennale (GICB 2015) is the world's largest art competition for ceramic artists. Held for the seventh time this year, the 2015 competition not only discovers the values unique to ceramic artwork, but aims to lead a productive future for ceramic art through new innovations, including fusion with modern technology, mixture with other ingredients or techniques, and the collaboration of ceramic art with other genres. The future of ceramic art depends on the young artists who constantly strive to push boundaries by using their imaginations and creativity. Through this competition, we hope to discover new possibilities for ceramic art and give it new life through the passion of artists all over the world.

The International Competition has allowed us to look into the latest trends in contemporary ceramics around the world and has discovered numerous promising new artists the world over. A total of 2,629 entries by 1,470 artists from seventy-four countries were received, among which 97 pieces by 93 artists from twenty-eight countries were selected after the preliminary screening this year. International Competition 2015 will provide a great opportunity to see a wide variety of experimental works by contemporary artists who have been recognized by experts of both at home and abroad. "

 © KOCEF, 2015


Ana Maria Asan - GICB2015 - © KOCEF



Ana Maria Asan thanks Wallonie-Bruxelles International for its support in the transportation of the artwork.


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