The artist has the pleasure to announce the exhibition Travesia infinita that puts together the commemorative ceramic monument Travesia ceramica, made by Alcora la Ilustre Ceramica and dedicated to the Magellan’s and Elcano’s exploit and the video made by different ceramists worldwide in which she participated.

Museo Nacional de Ceramica y Artes Suntuarias « Gonzales Marti », from September 9th 2022 to February 12th 2023, Valencia, Spain

On the occasion of the celebration of 500 years from the first circumnavigation of the Globe (the Magellan-Elcano’s Expedition 1519-1522), Alcora la Ilustre Ceramica launches “Ceramists of the world for the union of peoples”.

Through the video Pulsations 2022, Ana Maria Asan thanks for the invitation and sends to the world a message of peace, love and unity.

Having a coffee is a "breathing" time for Ana Maria Asan. Respiro, the artist's design porcelain espresso cup can be seen in a collection of 200 objects at the prestigious MART Rovereto.

Ana Maria Asan | Exhibition MART Rovereto | Espresso and Cappuccino Cups 2022 

The exhibition Espresso and Cappuccino Cups is open from May 15th till June 26th 2022 at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto, Italy.


Ana Maria Asan | KLEI Keramiek Magazine 3/2021 | article Welluidende Keramiek

The Dutch KLEI Keramiek Magazine publishes Ana Maria Asan - Welluidende Keramiek (Euphonious Ceramics) in its 3rd issue of 2021. (English version)


The installation Untitled (There Is No White Noise, Only Colourful Sound Serie), 2020 is on the poster of the NVK Keramiek Triënnale 2021, organized by the Nederlandse Vakgroep Keramisten and CODA Museum.

Ana Maria Asan | CODA Museum 2021, Apeldoorn | NVK Keramiek Triënnale

Pending the reopening of the museums, the opening initially scheduled for March 7 has been postponed until March 14, 2021.

At CODA Museum, Apeldoorn (The Netherlands). publishes The Sonorous Dimension: the SONORES project at its 10th anniversary by Ana Maria Asan.


Ana Maria Asan | Contemporay Ceramics | Ceramic and sound installations | 2020

September 18th 2020.


Daugavpils Fortress Culture and Information Centre | Artist Ana Maria Asan | Daugavpils art | Rothko Art Centre Residency

Two years after the art residency at the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Centre, the site-specific installation To The Unknown created by Ana Maria Asan in connection with the Dagavpils Fortress finds echoes worthy of attention in the thoughts of the painter and ceramicist Harald Jegodzienski. During the 8th International Ceramic Art Symposium, Ceramic Laboratory 2020, he dedicated part of his time to the writing of the journal entitled Glory which is partially published on this site, with his kind permission.


The International Ceramics Magazine, New Ceramics, publishes SONORES 10 & More by Ana Maria Asan in its 4th issue 2020.


Ana Maria Asan | article on ceramics and sound | New Ceramics 4/2020


Under this title, Ana Maria Asan celebrates the first decade of the project's existence - a living, uninterrupted exploration of ceramics and its sonorous dimension. The events in which the artist will participate in 2020-2021 will be part of this anniversary.

On this occasion, a warm thought to all those who vibrated in unison with the artist.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the International Artistic Ceramics Biennale of Aveiro (XIVth edition), the artist Ana Maria Asan was awarded the Honorable Mention for her installation combining ceramics and sound.


Ceramics Biennale of Aveiro 2019
Ana Maria Asan|Prix|Ceramics Biennale of Aveiro 2019

The work is exhibited from November 2 to 30 at Museu de Aveiro/Santa Joana.

Finalist at the XIVth International Biennale of Artistic Ceramics of Aveiro 2019.


Ana Maria Asan | XIV Bienal Ceramica Artistica Aveiro 2019, Portugal

Ana Maria Asan’s exhibition at the Tourism Office.

There is a necessity for me that people come closer to see and hear what I am doing… (Read more)

Ana Maria Asan has the pleasure to announce her first solo show in Provence, En vibration (Vibrating).

From Mars 23rd to April 5th 2019 at the Office de Tourisme du Massif des Costes, Pélissanne.


Ana Maria Asan : En Vibration exhibition - 2019

The installation There Is No White Noise, Only Colourful Sound II is awarded the Award of Excellence at the Zagreb Clay Fest 2018.


Ana Maria Asan - Zagreb Clay Fest 2018 - Ceramics and sound installation

Participation at the international Zagreb Clay Fest Ex Tempore 2018 exhibition.
From September 6 till 11.

Zagreb Clay Fest 2018 - Ana Maria Asan

Lecture by the artist and screening of her short film What You See Is Not What You See, But What You Are at the Center for Culture and Information Maksimir.
On September 10th at 4:00 p.m., Svarcova 18, Zagreb.


The two site specific installations, Resonances and To the Unknown, belonging to the Memories from the Future: Exploring the Fortress as a Woman project have been created by Ana Maria Asan for the Nicolas Gate and the Daugavpils (Dinaburg) Fortress Culture & Information Centre. During the re-enactment of the Battle of Dinaburg 1812, they found themselves at the heart of the festivities.


Ana Maria Asan | Dinaburg 1812 | Daugavpils Mark Rothko Center | Nicolas Gate, Daugavpils Fortress

July 2018.


Invited as an artist in residency by the Mark Rothko Art Centre, Ana Maria Asan shows her site specific installations, Memories from the Future: Exploring the Fortress as a Woman, on July 6th 2018, inside the Daugavpils Fortress, Latvia.


Ana Maria Asan | Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre | Residency 2nd Latvia International Ceramics Biennale 2018 

As a permanent exhibition inside the Nicholas Gate and at the Daugavpils Fortress Culture & Information Centre.

The event is part of the 2nd Latvia International Ceramics Biennale and of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Latvian state, Latvia 100.


2nd Latvia International Ceramics Biennale, 2018 | Ana Maria AsanLatvia 100 | Ana Maria Asan

In the framework of the 10th Premio Antica Arte dei Vasai, the artist presents her short film What You See Is Not What You See, But What You Are and takes part to the international exhibition of contemporary ceramics Tra-vasi ovvero Vasi Comunicanti - contenitore e contenuto nella ceramica contemporanea.


Ana Maria Asan | Tra-vasi ovvero Vasi Comunicanti | 10 Premio Antica Arte dei Vasai 2018


Program :
Projection - Saturday May 19th 2018 (Museo della Contrada)
Exhibition - May 18th to 26th (Parco dell'Abbadia Nuova) 

Happening during the 24th acousmatic Festival L’Espace du Son with the artist making several imprints of composer's ears.

For the trust and enthusiasm, Ana Maria Asan warmly thanks everyone, as well as Musiques & Recherches, especially Annette Vande Gorne.


Ana Maria Asan - L'Espace du Son 2017 - Théâtre Marni, Brussels

From November 8th till 12th, at Théâtre Marni, Brussels.

From October 12th till December 10th 2017, you can see and listen to There Is No White Noise, Only Colourful Sound II at the Porcelain Museum of Riga (Latvia) during the 11th International Exhibition of Small Form Porcelain, White Noise.


Ana Maria Asan - Riga Porcelain Museum - 11th International Exhibition of Small Form Porcelain, White Noise - 2017 

The national Latvian television is talking about the event

Participation at the 5th International Ceramic Art Symposium and at the 1st Latvia International Contemporary Ceramic Festival.

From August 4th till 18th at the Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils.


Ana Maria Asan - 5th International Ceramic Art Symposium

The prestigious European Ceramics Magazine NEW CERAMICS publishes Profile: Ana Maria Asan in its 4th issue 2017 (German version).


Profile: Ana Maria Asan - New Ceramics magazine 4/17

Collaboration with the prestigious Journal of Australian Ceramics for the article SONORES by Ana Maria Asan in Focus: THE BODY ISSUE, April 2017.

The FuLe International Ceramic Art Museums invite Ana Maria Asan as an artist in residence in Fuping.

The installation There Is No White Noise, Only Colourful Sound was awarded the Gold FuLe Prize at the 5th Symposium of the International Ceramic Magazines Editors Association (ICMEA 2016) and enters the collection of FuLe International Ceramic Art Museums.

Selection in the Emerging Ceramic Artist Competition in Fuping, China and participation in the Symposium of the International Ceramic Magazines Editors Association (ICMEA), in Fuping and Beijing.

From October 26th 2016 at the Fuping Pottery Art Village.

The artist has the pleasure to announce her selection to the International Ceramics Biennial of Taiwan 2016.


2016 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale

From July 2nd till September 18th 2016, participation at the 36th CICA, Spain.


Ana Maria Asan - CICA 2016

From November 13th 2015 till January 15th 2016, the artist shows an installation in the frame of the XIIth Ceramics Biennial of Manises, Spain.

A new installation from the Sonores project has been selected in the frame of the XVIth Ex-Tempore of Ceramics Piran 2015, in Slovenia.


Ana Maria Asan - Ex-Tempore of Ceramics - Piran 2015


From September 5th till October 4th 2015.

The artist exhibits an installation of the Sonores project at the 3rd International Triennial of Ceramics, Unicum 2015.


Ana Maria Asan - Unicum 2015



From May 15th till September 30th 2015 at the National Museum of Slovenia - Metelkova, Ljubjana.

Honorable Mention at to the 8th Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, KOCEF Icheon, South Korea.


Ana Maria Asan - GICB 2015 - © KOCEF

From 29 March until 25 May, CODA Museum presents the Ceramics Triennial 2015, an exhibition initiated by the Dutch Guild of Ceramists (NVK).

The Ceramics Triennial showcases the work of fifty artists from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany and offers an view of recent developments.


Ana Maria Asan - Keramiek Triënnale 2015 - © NVK - Keramiek Triënnale 2015