" The 2016 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale Concept received applications from 369 artists from 48 countries in five continents. The award-winning works and finalist works of this year's Taiwan Ceramics Biennale carry the artists' unique creative thinking and embody the nature of ceramics and diverse perspectives/creative expressions of ceramic art. Contemporary ceramic art is a form of art developed from traditional ceramics. Artists explore new creative possibilities among conventional pottery shapes. they give new life to objects. They extend their artistic energy, creativity and visions to their artwork. Whether an expression of tangible figure or intangible ideas, ceramic artwork is an articulation of vision and a practice of ideas. Those pieces of art are not merely some visible objects. They are also interpretations of ways of thinking about ceramic art and platforms where art collides and intertwines with the society, environment and public sphere. "

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TCB 2016 | Ana Maria Asan


Ana Maria Asan thanks Wallonie-Bruxelles International for its support in the attendance to the opening ceremony.


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