Ana Maria Asan’s exhibition at the Tourism Office

Vibrating is the theme of this exhibition bringing together ceramics and sound.

There is a new work that Ana Maria Asan shows under the title “En vibration” (Vibrating) at the Tourism Office of the Massif des Costes. (…)

In Provence she found a green landscape that invited her to observe the plants.

If someone pushes the Office’s door, he/she will discover a mineral world but also a sonorous one. Indeed, if the exhibition is entitled “En vibration” (Vibrating) there is a strong reason for that because this is exactly what we feel looking at the art works and hearing the sounds.

The artist’s main work put together ceramics and sound conceived with the aim to guide the view to a poetic zone rather than to the utilitarian or the decorative side (of the objects). She showed her work in different European countries as well as in Asia. There is a necessity for me that people come closer to see and hear what I am doing. (…)

The ceramics is white, subtle and the artist is looking for “showing” the something we could miss. The color is seldom used, but present if there is a reason for it. And for the sound it is the same: it is not a constant, the sound is there when it has to be.