Ana Maria Asan | Exhibition | Catalogue Keramiek Triënnale 2021



This catalogue gives a lasting memento of Ceramics Triennial 2021 in CODA Museum Apeldoorn. The year  2020, without markets, courses and exhibitions, was an annus horribilis for many ceramists, I hope that the pieces on display will inspire, enthuse and persuade you to continue supporting the ceramic art form.

Joop Bruines
Chairman NVK 


Clay as visual material


The exhibition in the context of the Ceramics Triennial 2021 bears witness to the aforementioned developments and consequently provides an overview of the possibilities clay offers today, and especially the myriad ways of how it is already being used.

Piet Augustijn
Chairman Working Group Triennial 2021



Imagined or real, the sound is a constant in my work. It holds the part of odour and flavour in Marcel Proust’s thoughts, reminding us about what we are: Memory.

The installation Untitled (There Is No White Noise Only Colourful Sound Serie), 2020  [on the catalogue’s cover] belongs to the SONORES project - a living, uninterrupted ten-year exploration of ceramics and its sonorous dimension. (…)

Ana Maria Asan