Ana Maria Asan | Exhibition | Article New Ceramics 5/2021

Keramiek Triënnale 2021
CODA Museum Apeldoorn - March to May 2021

Figurative and abstract, monumental or small and extremely detailed. Pot shapes, sculptures and objects, shown along side wall and floor installations. From 7 March to 30 May, CODA Museum presented Keramiek Triënnale 2021, an exhibition that CODA realizes in collaboration with the Nederlandse Vakgroep Keramisten (NVK). The Keramiek Triënnale 2021 showed the work of 48 artists from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Ireland, England, Romania and Slovenia. The work of the selected artists guarantees a varied exhibition with which CODA and NVK gave an overview of current contemporary ceramics in Europe. (…)

CODA director Carin Reinders: “CODA Museum has already staged several beautiful editions of the Keramiek Triënnale, which included both sober and more exuberant, vibrant work. What was striking about this edition is the number of works with a more subdued character. Perhaps this is related to the times we currently live in. We also see that the human figure, nature, history and topical issues play an important role in the work of a number of artists. As a result, the Triënnale not only reflected the state of affairs in contemporary ceramics but also shows a large variety of subjects and themes.”


The material and its characteristics and the exploration of clay’s potential are also highlighted in the edition of the Keramiek Triënnale. Ana Maria Asan presented the installation Untitled ( There Is No White Noise Only Colourful Sound Series), 2020 part of the SONORES project, in which she has been explored the sonorous qualities of clay for the past ten years.


The selection for the current exhibition was made by Gerda Brust (editor-in-chief of Vormen uit Vuur Magazine), Nick Renshaw (visual artist), Manita Kief (ceramist), Nora Leijen (curator of applied art and design at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam) and Carin Reinders, MA (director-manager CODA). (…)